Transforming Heavy Civil Projects with AI-Powered Project Management - Dig Smarter, Build Better!

Harness the power of AI to elevate your heavy civil project management. With KYRO, experience cutting-edge technology that streamlines every task, from storm and sewer adjustments to topography scanning.

Real-Time Communication

Stay connected on every update. Our real-time notification system ensures instant information sharing, complemented by AI-driven Speech-to-Text for effortless communication.

Offline Capabilities

Maintain project momentum, even in remote or deep excavation sites. Our offline capabilities keep you informed, ensuring continuous productivity no matter the location.

Easy Markups for Plans and PDFs

KYRO simplifies navigating complex plans. Easily markup and highlight critical data on 3D terrain and subsurface plans, turning intricate drawings into clear, actionable layouts.

Discover How KYRO Transforms Heavy Civil and Excavation Projects

Step into the future of excavation and heavy civil project management with KYRO. Explore how our AI-driven platform brings efficiency, clarity, and connectivity to even the most challenging projects.

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