forms with photos

Keep your Construction Projects Transparent, Trackable, and Measurable

Go paperless with KYRO's vast library of digital forms that are easy to fill. Receive daily reports, perform safety checks, and QA/QC inspections with ease. Attach photos with markups for more clarity, and work even when offline.

More Field Visibility

With daily field reports coming in with supporting photos, gain absolute clarity on the work happening on the field.

Increased Adoption From Field Crews

KYRO's simple user interface ensures greater buy-in from your field crews, ensuring continuous inflow of data.

More Data for Better Analysis

With KYRO's dashboards, make sense of all the data coming in from the field and make informed decisions to reduce issues.

Works Even When Offline

Users can fill forms even without internet connectivity. All data entered will be stored and submitted once back in range of connectivity.

Access a Huge Library of Forms

Tap into a comprehensive collection of pre-built forms designed for all your project needs. From daily reports to safety and inspection checklists, pick the forms you need to keep your workflows moving smoothly.

Daily Reports with Photo Uploads

Your field crews can fill out daily report forms directly from the field, complete with supporting photos. Once the reports are submitted, their day is done — no more returning to the office to complete paperwork or spreadsheets.

Safety Checklists and Incident Reporting

Keep your employees and work environment safe with our easy-to-fill checklists and inspection forms. All reports are permanently stored for future retrieval, ensuring compliance and readiness for audits and inspections.

AI-powered Voice Notes with Translation

Employ a diverse workforce? No problem. Team members can record their daily updates in their native language, and our AI will translate and send transcripts to managers. Overcome language barriers and ensure no information gets lost in translation.

Take Charge of Your Project Documentation Today

Streamline your reporting, enhance safety, and improve communication with our advanced Forms feature. Sign up now and experience the impact on your project management. Try KYRO now for Free.

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