KYRO - Your Project’s New Best Tool!

Ready to optimize your project workflow? KYRO is your trusted partner, guiding you through every stage, from inception to completion. Let's build success together!

Drawing-Savvy Document Control

Keep your drawings and specs tight and right. KYRO ensures you’re always working off the latest set of documents – no more rework from outdated plans.

Field to Office Communication– Crystal Clear

Bridge the gap between the field and office. Our app’s like having a direct line to the office, ensuring real time updates, daily reports and in-app communication from your mobile device.

Plug-and-Play Tech Integration

Tech headaches on the job site? Not with KYRO. Our system is as intuitive as a laser level – set up and go, no fuss.

Streamlined Pay Apps and Timesheets

From labor hours to change orders, keep your billing and payroll as square as a carpenter’s level. KYRO keeps the financials tight and on track.

Ironclad Document Organization

From shop drawings to punch lists, keep all your docs in check. Say goodbye to lost paperwork and hello to the latest, most up to date documents.

Seamless Site-to-Office Sync

Our app bridges the gap – whether you’re in the field or the job trailer, everyone’s on the same page. Daily reports, safety logs, you name it.

Rapid-Fire Project Kickoff

Get projects off the ground faster than a crew setting forms. Scan, upload, and roll – it’s that simple.

Financials Nailed Down

Track billable hours and materials like a pro. Our tools make invoicing and payroll as reliable as your favorite tape measure

Ready to Transform Your Design and Construction Process?

Join the revolution in architectural and engineering project management. Experience the blend of design perfection and construction efficiency with KYRO.