Solving Construction's Biggest Problems

Led by an experienced and visionary team in both construction and technology, we are an AI-Powered software that aims to increase the growth rate of construction companies by providing access to both our technology and to capital.

Our Mission

To empower the transformation of the construction industry and set the gold standard in business growth for our customers.

Our Vision

To be the construction industry’s ultimate AI advisor, transforming the construction industry into a powerhouse of precision, efficiency, and unprecedented growth.

Tenets We Live By

Radical Simplicity

We are not just making things easier; we are making them effortless.

AI as Your Oracle

Forget AI as a tool; this is your new force multiplier.

Extreme Customer-Centricity

We are not just solving problems; we are anticipating them before they even arise.

The Minimalist Data Manifesto

If the data does not serve you, it serves no one.

Leadership Team

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