Make your high volume distributed projects a smashing success with us. Think of KYRO as your trusty sidekick in Project Management

Elevate your telecommunications projects to new heights with KYRO. Our platform is the perfect ally for managing high-volume, distributed projects, offering unparalleled support, efficiency, and success in every aspect of project management. With KYRO, navigate the complexities of telecom projects with confidence and precision.

Record progress from the field

Effortlessly capture every update, from directional drilling to copper splicing, and share it instantly. It's like having a live broadcast of your project's progress, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring that milestones are tracked in real time

All in One

Imagine a command center for your entire construction project. KYRO gives you total control over every aspect of your project, ensuring they stay on-schedule and under budget.

Live Time Tracking

Whether it’s regular hours, breaks, overtime, or differentials, our system captures it all, streamlining payroll processes and making time management a breeze for your CATV systems installation or MDU network construction.

Boost your collocation facility game with KYRO's comprehensive solution addressing the specific needs of project managers and field crews

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Offline Capability

Work and log reports, even with no Internet connection! All data recorded during offline periods is securely stored and will be automatically synchronized with the central system as soon as the team's devices re-establish a data connection

Document Management

Organize your project's documents with our easy-to-use system. Access WAN Deployment plans, right of way documents or OSP cabling blueprint anytime, anywhere, all securely stored in the cloud.

Easy Invoice Management

Transform the way you handle billing with our intuitive invoice management system. Generate, send, and track invoices effortlessly, ensuring your financials are as streamlined as your Mesh Networks.