Field-Office Communication

Unifying Field & Office: Communication Made Effortless

Bridge the gap between field and office seamlessly. Our construction communication software enables you to share updates through voice notes and image markups, keeping everyone in sync
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Transforming Data into Strategy

Turn on-site notes into strategic gold. With our software, converting field scribbles into valuable insights is effortless

Voice Notes in Any Language

Speak up in any tongue – our tool hears you loud and clear. Field updates are now as simple as saying ‘Hello’ in your native language.

Image Uploads with Markups

Express more with images. Annotate and illustrate for precise communication, ensuring every detail is crystal clear.

Efficient In-App Communication

Instant updates, real-time reports – it’s like having a direct line from site to suite. Teamwork has never been this streamlined.

Collect Valuable Data From The Field, Every Day

We Understand Field Crews

Our platform isn’t just designed for managers; it’s crafted with the input of actual field crew members. They know what they need, and we've listened. The result? A tool they’ll want to use.

Our AI Eliminates Guesswork

Data is king, and our AI is the kingmaker. Transform field data into actionable intelligence with KYRO’s AI-powered analytics. No more guesswork, just smart decisions.

AI for Multilingual Voice Recognition

Our advanced AI not only understands but transforms voice notes in multiple languages into structured project updates. No more language barriers, just smooth and inclusive communication for all crew members.

Intuitive Image Markups for Enhanced Clarity

With our easy-to-use markup tools, adding annotations to images becomes a simple task. This feature allows teams to provide detailed visual feedback, ensuring that instructions and information are clearly understood and accurately implemented.

From Field Insights to Office Strategy

Projects thrive only when field and office teams align perfectly. Good communication is the backbone for any successful project, and more so when it suits all parties – field crews buy-in to KYRO’s simplicity, and office executives receive valuable, actionable data.

Build bridges within your organization to build bigger and better projects for your clients.