Construction document Management

Misplaced Docs? Outdated Drawings?Our Document Management Solution is your answer

Embrace effortless document management with KYRO. From contracts to the latest drawings, ensure that your team always has access to the most up-to-date documents.
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Automated Project Creation

Scan contracts like AIA-G703 and watch as we create whole projects for you.

Organize Your Files, Your Way

Keep your files neatly categorized, tagged, and archived in one centralized location.

2-Way Sync

Sync up with your existing document management tools. Changes made in one place show up in both, keeping everyone on the same page.

Use The Latest Versions

Ensure that field crews are always working from the latest drawings. Say goodbye to the costly mix-ups and do-overs.

Control Access

Easily allow access to only relevant personnel; protect critical documents from exposure.

Streamline Your Construction Document Management

AI-Powered Project Setup

Scan key documents like the AIA-G703 and watch as our AI-powered file management system quickly set up your projects with detailed tasks, timelines, and budget forecasts

Never again waste time searching for docs

Audits can be a breeze when you know exactly where everything is. No more frantic searches at the last minute - just peace of mind and productivity.

If you’re updated, your team is too

Unearthed something unexpected on the jobsite? Update your plans and shoot them over to your crew instantly. We make sure everyone’s digging in the right direction.

Control And Limit Access based on Sensitivity

Have a few docs that are not for everyone’s eyes? Worry not, as within a few clicks, you can define who has access to which documents, ensuring that your most sensitive data and info are protected.

Integrations: Seamless, Two-Way Syncing

Our platform integrates smoothly with your existing tools, breaking down data silos and ensuring cohesive document management.

Our Integrations

Choose Clarity over Confusion

With our robust document management solution, we promise you not just a digital storage pace, but a dynamic tool tailored to the unique demands of the construction world.

Your field crew members won’t have to wait as you painfully search across the board for the latest version of any file, ensuring greater efficiency and ultimately, better execution. Book a demo today to see our document management solution inaction.