document markup & redlining

Bring Your Plans to Life with Dynamic Document Markup

Dive into the future of plan management where every detail pops. From seamless annotations to precision redlining, our document markup feature is like having a magic wand for your projects. Say goodbye to static plans and hello to interactive, detail-rich documents that communicate your vision clearly.
Dashboard mockup

Draw to Scale!

Turn every line into a precise measurement, ensuring your project is built to spec.

Streamlined Project Communication

Transform your plans into interactive discussions, keeping every team member aligned and informed.

Effortless Access & Management

Organize and access the latest versions your project plans with ease, making management a breeze.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time, bridging distances and turning plans into collective achievements

Redlining with Scale Definition

Our redlining tool doesn’t just draw lines; it measures them. Define a scale and turn sketches into precise measurements, making every detail count towards flawless execution.

Real-time Annotations & Labels

Instantly add notes, shapes, or labels directly on your plans. It’s like having a conversation on the canvas of your project, ensuring every team member stays in the loop

Easy Access & Organization

Access, organize, and distribute your marked-up documents from anywhere. It’s document management turned effortless, keeping your project files as organized as your thoughts

Shared Markup Sessions

Collaborate in real-time with shared markup sessions. It’s like gathering around the same table, no matter where you are, turning solo tasks into team achievements.

Mark Up Your Success with KYRO

Ready to transform how you interact with project documents? With our intuitive document markup feature, you’re not just working on plans; you’re bringing them to life. Join us and discover how easy it is to add depth, detail, and precision to your projects. Let’s redefine what’s possible together