Speed up payroll and billing and improve cash flow by accessing all finance data from one single place.

All the information you require is present within KYRO, saving time on sourcing data from multiple sources.

Quicker payroll & billing

With all the data at your fingertips, handle payroll faster and get paid sooner with quicker billing

No more data silos

Data that is fragmented across functions results in more chasing down and less work done. Not anymore.

Smoother Anomaly Handling

With KYRO’s AI, quickly detect and resolve any exceptions in time logged or expenses claimed.

Instant Insights for Better Analysis

With a simple prompt, our AI Copilot gives you instant financial details and insights, enabling better analysis & decision making.

Timesheet and expense tracking

Capture key timesheet data from every active job site, everyday, even from places without connectivity. Get updates on weekly time logged, overtime and expenses claimed.

Smooth integrations with all your apps

Bring all your data onto KYRO to have one single hub for all your financial info. No more switching between different apps for time tracking, invoicing or HR data.

AI-powered exception handling

Our AI flags anomalous data entry like excessive overtime or claims requested without receipts. KYRO’s smooth workflow enables you to resolve these issues quickly through messaging and alerts, instead of dragging it out for days.

AI Copilot: Instant insights on demand

Our ever-present AI assistant can do the work of several back-office employees within seconds. View status of time card approvals for payroll processing, and compare current financials with original forecasts to make better decisions for the future.

Accelerate your company’s financial growth with KYRO

Don't let fragmented data and inefficient processes hold your business back any longer. With KYRO's powerful all-in-one finance platform, you can streamline payroll, accelerate billing, and gain valuable insights to drive better decision-making. Get started with KYRO today and experience rapid growth for your company.

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