Unearth the Potential of Your Mining Operations – Advanced Project Management for a Groundbreaking Tomorrow

Maximize the efficiency and profitability of your mining operations with our advanced project management tools. Designed for the unique challenges of the mining sector, our solution helps you unearth the full potential of every project, paving the way for a groundbreaking and prosperous future.

Offline Mode for Remote Mining Locations

Connectivity issues in remote  sites? No worries! Our offline mode ensures your team keeps working and logs all crucial data from  rock mechanics to  specialist blasting techniques, which syncs up seamlessly once you're back online.

Hassle-Free Communication

Our communication tool is like the central hub for your project operations. Whether you’re discussing shock loads or cage design, everyone stays connected and informed.

AI-Driven Reporting

Our AI driven large language models, automatically compiles and analyzes daily logs on drilling or exploration activities, giving you a clear, concise view of your daily progress.

Focused on Remote Crews, KYRO bringing  AI-Powered Efficiency to Every Corner of Your  Project

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Accurate Time Tracking and Timesheet Management

Say goodbye to payroll headaches! Our system accurately tracks time spent on every aspect of your  project. From deep underground to the office, managing hours and payroll becomes a breeze.

Document Management Made Easy

No more drowning in paperwork! Store, manage, and collaborate on all your essential documents from Offtake to fiscal stability agreement (FSA) in one secure, digital trove.

Invoice Management

Imagine sending out invoices as easily as striking gold! With KYRO, you can create, manage, and send invoices with just a few clicks. Our system automates the invoicing process, tailored to the unique billing needs of the mining industry.