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The Ultimate Construction Time Tracking Software

Looking for a hassle-free way to manage time on your construction projects? Discover KYRO, the ultimate construction time tracking software designed for both field crews and office efficiency.
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Invoicing & Payroll, Simplified

urn those timesheet headaches into a thing of the past. Our construction invoicing software makes managing payroll a breeze. Easy, efficient, and just a few clicks away.

Master Expense & Mileage Tracking

Track all those pennies and miles like a pro without breaking a sweat. Our AI ensures accuracy while removing manual errors.

AI-Powered Timesheet Management

See some extra hours or mismatching claims? No worries! Our AI will help you handle them like it's no big deal.

Crew Time Management, Reimagined

Manage your field crew's time with ease. KYRO’s Kiosk mode is not just efficient, it's actually fun to use and gets the job done!

Experience the Power of AI in Time Tracking

Interface That Speaks Your Language

Ditch those complex spreadsheets for something way cooler. Our user-friendly platform speaks the language of construction time tracking, making life easier for everyone on your team

Smooth Timesheet to Payroll Transistion

Watch in awe as your construction timesheets turn into flawless invoices and payroll reports. Our software is like a wizard for your construction payroll management, ensuring no errors and saving your valuable time.

Effortless Expense & Mileage for Construction Projects

Keep tabs on your project expenses and mileage with fun and ease. KYRO makes construction expense and mileage tracking as enjoyable as a game – efficient, quick, and totally stress-free.

Kiosk Mode: A Construction Crew Favorite

Our Kiosk mode is more than a feature; it's a revolution in field crew time tracking. Simple, accurate, and surprisingly fun – it's the new best friend for your construction crews

KYRO's Construction Time Tracking Software – Where efficiency and simplicity meet.

Ready to change the way you see time tracking in construction? Let's make it not just effective but also a bit enjoyable. Dive into KYRO's world where efficiency meets fun in time management.