Real Estate Construction Software: Build Smarter, Reduce Errors, Deliver Faster

Avoid costly errors by keeping all required information updated for your team. Get insightful progress updates with our AI to finish work on time, and get better for your next projects.

Avoid Expensive Rework

Plans can change, but your whole team will be aware of this with our cloud-based document management.

Detailed Progress Reports

Get updates on progress everyday with accurate data and photos with markups and annotation for clearer understanding.

Accurate Time and Budget Tracking

Keep a close eye on timelines and milestones and compare them with your project’s progress to gauge any risks and take take preventive measures.

AI-Powered Insights For Better Outcomes

Be aware of exactly where mistakes, delays, and high expenses are taking place. Take quick actions to mitigate them, and use this data to improve on future projects.

Comprehensive, cloud-based document management

With plans and drawings being prone to changes multiple times over a project, ensure that your field team doesn’t get affected by them. All required documents are securely stored in KYRO, and any changes made to them are reflected to all the members associated with that project.

Detailed daily field reports

Get daily updates from the construction site and see your team-wide communication improve. With KYRO, reports are received not only on project udpates but also on any issues spotted and near-miss safety incidents.

Simple and Intuitive Project Management

Break down your project into individual tasks to accurately track your progress. Set your initial budget and easily track current expenses to measure your cash flow.

KYRO’s AI-Copilot: Your ever-present virtual assistant

Through a simple prompt in natural language, get instant answers to queries like “How are we doing financially as of this month compared to our initial forecast?”. In case your team is falling behind, you can now step in to get the project back on course and achieve favorable outcomes faster. These insights can also help you make better decisons for upcoming projects, from budgeting to timeline estimations.

Detailed redlining on drawings for clearer information

Work done on the site can be detailed with accurate redlining that can markup drawings and convey accurate measurements. This information provides office members with a exact picture of the work being done on site.

Finish Your Real Estate Construction Projects Faster And With Greater Accuracy

By prioritizing better collaboration among your team and receiving intelligent insights on your project, you can weave a clear path towards building smarter and delivering results on time and within budget.

Try KYRO for free and experience the outcomes.

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