Our solutions are envisoned to reduce your Time-to-Market

Accelerate your real estate developments with our innovative solutions. Designed to streamline every phase of your projects, our tools significantly reduce Time-to-Market, allowing you to launch your developments faster and more efficiently than ever.

Quick On-boarding

Getting started with KYRO is as easy as laying the foundation. Our streamlined onboarding is the fast lane to construction management, ensuring you're building success from day one

Seamless communication

With KYRO, sharing updates and making decisions happens in real-time. Keep every stakeholder, from architects to contractors, in the loop, fostering collaboration as cohesive as a well-planned neighborhood.

Kiosk Mode

Our Kiosk Mode is like a digital punch card for your field crews. They can log time effortlessly right on-site, making time tracking as simple and accurate as laying bricks. It's designed to streamline the time logging process, ensuring every minute on the job is accounted for accurately and efficiently.

New Age Construction Management Platform for Developers, Owners, Contractors and Design Studios

Dashboard mockup

Offline Capability

Think of our offline mode as your project's insurance policy. All data recorded during offline periods is securely stored and will be automatically synchronized with the central system as soon as the team's devices re-establish a data connection

Document Management

KYRO is like having a personal librarian for all your project files. Organize your project's documents with our easy-to-use system. Access blueprints, compliance paperwork, and project plans anytime, anywhere, all securely stored in the cloud

Role based access

Just like a well-designed floor plan, our role-based access gives everyone the right space. Tailored access ensures that each team member has the tools and information they need, without overlaps