KYRO ensures seamless information flow, crucial for managing complex supply chains and distribution center operations

Transform your warehousing construction projects with our innovative platform. Designed specifically for the warehousing sector, our solution streamlines project management, enhances efficiency, and accelerates construction timelines, allowing you to expand your warehousing capabilities swiftly and effectively.

Data-driven Insights

Our tool provides comprehensive progress reports to manage and track all your project submittals, crucial for warehouse construction. This includes detailed data for your e-commerce fulfillment areas, cold storage units, and freight forwarding sections, ensuring  complete functionality

Kiosk Mode for Easy Time Logging

Punch in and out with our Kiosk Mode – it's as simple as scanning a barcode. Ideal for warehouses with extensive SKU variety, ensuring accurate time tracking for all tasks from order picking to inventory management

Document Management

Organize all essential documents, from warehouse management system (WMS) integrations to large slab plans. Our Document Management system sorts all your paperwork, so finding what you need, happens in a snap

Focused on Remote Crews, KYRO bringing    AI-Powered Efficiency to Every Corner of Your  Project

Dashboard mockup

Offline Capability

Perfect for areas of your site without stable internet, ensuring continuous productivity. All data recorded during offline periods is securely stored and will be automatically synchronized with the central system as soon as the team's devices re-establish a data connection

PDF Markups

Perfect for warehouse layouts or construction plans, you can annotate, draw, or comment directly on your PDFs. It’s ideal for discussing storage layouts, logistics pathways, or reverse logistics facilities in your warehouse plans.

Role based access

Just like a well-designed floor plan, our role-based access gives everyone the right space. Tailored access ensures that each team member has the tools and information they need, without overlaps