Finish Data Center Construction Projects Sooner and reduce expensive delays

Data Center construction is expensive, and takes time to build. Any delays would only serve to exarcebate the costs and time to completion. With KYRO, eliminate errors by improving communication, and finish projects without delays.

Send the Right Info, Avoid Costly Rework

Improve team-wide communication with our cloud-based document management, which updates any changes to the whole team.

Receive Clear Updates From The Field

With photo uploads directly from digital forms, field crews can send accurate updates with annotations and markups to send more accurate details to the office.

Track Time Logged Efficiency

KYRO's simplified time tracking, along with AI-powered insights, allows back office managers and accounting to stay on top of how time is being spent on the field and take appropriate actions.

Insights and Data powered by AI Copilot

With KYRO's AI Copilot, instant insights are available on project progress, time and expenses, and financial insights. This helps companies spot patterns and make decisions accordingly to finish projects on time.

Accurate Time Tracking

We have made it easy for field crews to log time from the field. Any discrepancies detected are automatically flagged by our AI, allowing for quicker recognition and resolution of the issue. Accounting teams can now easily process payroll & invoices, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Forms & Reports with Photo Uploads

Attach photos from the field directly to forms for better visual record. Improve quality of updates with clear, detailed documentation of project progress.

Document Redlining that Updates Instantly, for Everyone

Any changes to plans or drawings can be accurately highlighted for more accurate information sharing. These changes are then instantly updated to everyone who has access, ensuring that costly rework is avoided.

Intelligent insights with AI Copilot

With KYRO's AI Copilot, companies can get instant data and insights into project progress, resource allocation and output, and financial information. This allows teams to evaluate the current status and make informed decisions to accelerate construction and eliminate inefficiencies.

With KYRO, electric utililty construction projects face a boost in speed, efficiency, and collaboration

With the ability to capture key information from the field (including photos), there is a better flow of latest, accurate information between field and office teams, which makes way for better project planning, scheduling, and ultimately, timely completion.

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