Improve speed-to-market with KYRO's generative construction technology platform

Accelerate your data center projects with KYRO's generative construction technology. Our platform is engineered to streamline your construction processes, significantly reducing time-to-market and enhancing overall project efficiency for the fast-paced data center industry.

On-Site Action Reports

Bring the field to your screen! Our field reports let crews capture the day's work with photos, notes, and even location tags. It's like having a daily diary of your project's progress.

No-Hassle Time Tracking

Timesheets that are a breeze to fill out. Track hours, manage overtime, shift differentials, and more, all in one intuitive system. It's payroll's best friend!

Your Project's Library

Imagine a digital filing cabinet where all your important documents live in harmony. Access Entitlements, rezoning contracts, blueprints, and will-serve letters in a snap, organized and secure in our cloud-based storage

Whether it’s a greenfield development or data hall fit-out/refresh, KYRO brings unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and a friendly approach  to every challenge

Dashboard mockup

Interactive PDF Markup

It's like having a digital pen for your PDFs. Sketch, highlight, and write notes on documents. Everyone in the team sees your markups in real-time, making collaboration fun and effective

Dynamic Dashboards

Picture a dashboard that's like your personal project assistant, showing you the big picture at a glance. Track your project's heartbeat – from power requirements to colling systems, all in one colorful, easy-to-read display

Breeze Through Billing

Wave goodbye to invoicing woes! Our feature turns billing into a cakewalk. Generate crisp, clear invoices in a jiffy, send them out, and watch the payments roll in