The Ultimate Field Superintendent Ally - Bridging Gaps in Core Construction

Discover the key to streamlined construction management with our dedicated solution for field superintendents. Designed to enhance project oversight, our platform seamlessly integrates every phase of construction, ensuring effective communication and project execution with precision.

Quick Setup

Starting with KYRO is as quick as snapping your fingers. Our setup is designed for ease and speed, ensuring you and your team can jump right into managing your construction projects without any delay. It’s like unboxing a new tool and using it right away – simple, quick, and effective

Speech-to-Text functionality for Daily Reports

Our AI-driven speech-to-text feature lets you dictate your daily reports. Just speak, and watch your words turn into well-structured documents. It’s like having a personal scribe, making report writing faster and more efficient than ever

In-App Communication

Miscommunication? Not on our watch!   KYRO is designed for those quick, on-the-fly conversations, ensuring everyone from the foreman to the architect is always on the same page. It’s like having a direct line to every team member, to convey your Critical Path Method (CPM).

Ready to balance costs, boost communication, and coordinate like a pro? KYRO is here to make it happen!

Dashboard mockup

Offline Capability

In remote or internet-challenged areas, our product still performs. Record data, make notes, and update tasks, all synced up once you're back online. It's like having a digital assistant that works regardless of connectivity

PDF Markup for Field Direction

Think of our PDF markup as your handy digital highlighter. It's perfect for giving your field crew clear, colorful directions right on their plans. Simple, fun, and super effective, it’s like having a chat over the blueprints, ensuring everyone's on the same page, literally!

Easy Invoice Management

Let KYRO be the load bearer of your projects. Our invoice management gives you a clear view of your cash flow, helping you manage finances efficiently. Think of it as your project’s financial planner, keeping your cash flow healthy