Finish Projects Sooner with Less Errors and Maximize your Profits

Eliminate miscommunication, rework, and errors. Deliver your projects with greater precision and efficiency

Complete Project Visibility

Improve transparency and accountability with real-time updates on  project progress, deadlines, budgets and resource allocation.

Improve Communication

Experience better collaboration by ensuring that all your team members are working with the latest information.

Save Hours on the Field

With KYRO’s AI capabilities, field crews save hours each day on manual reporting

Scale your Profits & Growth

With improved workflows & minimal delays, deliver projects sooner to capitalize on further business opportunities.

Robust Document Management for Better Collaboration

Manage all key construction documents in one location, complete with access control and version history. Additionally, KYRO’s redlining feature ensures better team work and less rework.

Timesheet & Expense Management

With our user-friendly interface, users can log time and claim expenses easily. Any anomalies are flagged by our AI, enabling swift resolution and faster payroll.

Access to 50+ forms from KYRO's library, equipped with photo uploads

With KYRO’s simple and customizable forms, field crews can log their updates in minutes, saving them time everyday. Our AI voice notes feature further saves time as users can simply record their updates in any language. KYRO’s AI will translate it for the managers.

Intelligent insights with AI Copilot

With a simple prompt in natural language, our AI Copilot can instantly retrieve data, compare actuals vs forecasts, and provide deep insights into financial and human performance. This allows managers and finance teams to make informed decisions and accelerate the company’s growth.

With KYRO, finish today’s projects faster and take up more construction projects for tomorrow

KYRO’s AI powered software is designed to help SMBs in construction accelerate their growth curve. By improving efficiency and accuracy, companies can now finish projects quicker and take up more lucrative business, aiding in their growth.

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