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Work at the intersection of Construction Technology and FinTech.

A New Frontier

The construction industry is often viewed as traditional, resistant to change, and somewhat 'unsexy' when it comes to technological innovation.

Fintech, on the other hand, is seen as a dynamic, rapidly evolving sector.

At KYRO Technologies, Inc., we're breaking down these stereotypes by merging the best of both worlds—construction management technology and fintech. This unique intersection offers a plethora of exciting challenges and opportunities that are bound to captivate the imagination of any engineering talent looking for the next big thing.

The Complexity and Appeal of Construction Tech

Construction is not just about bricks and mortar; it's a multi-faceted domain that involves intricate workflows, complex supply chains, and a myriad of stakeholders from architects to subcontractors. Here is why one should be excited about the appeal of construction technology

Ripe For Disruption

The industry is crying out for a modern, unifying app to ease their woes, and that is where KYRO comes in. We are not just digitizing existing processes, we are revolutionizing them.

Real-World Impact

Engineers at KYRO can create solutions that have a tangible impact on skylines, communities, and economies. Our target customers are creating world-class high-rises, infrastructure, heavy-civil, and institutional buildings to name a few.

Data-Intensive Environment

With IoT sensors, drones, and real-time analytics, construction sites are becoming increasingly data-rich environments, offering endless possibilities for data engineering and machine learning applications.

The Dynamism of Fintech

Fintech is not just about making payments easier; it's about democratizing access to financial systems and services. KYRO's foray into fintech, particularly in Accounts Receivable (AR) financing, is a game-changer for the construction industry.

Algorithmic Challenges

Building a risk engine for AR financing is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms, statistical models, and financial regulations.

Innovation at Speed

The fintech space is known for its rapid pace of innovation. Engineers will work on sprints that bring new features to market in record time, offering immediate value to our users.

The Confluence: Where Construction Meets Fintech

Imagine a world where a construction company can not only manage its projects more efficiently but also optimize its cash flow through intelligent financing options, all on a single platform. That's the world KYRO is building.

Interdisciplinary Challenges

Engineers will work on cross-functional teams that integrate insights from construction management, finance, AI, and data science to develop holistic solutions.

AI/ML at Scale

With access to a wealth of project management data, KYRO is uniquely positioned to apply AI/ML algorithms for predictive analytics, risk assessment, and financial modeling.

What is in it for you?

Be a Pioneer

Engineers have the chance to work on projects that are the first of their kind, setting industry standards and even influencing regulatory frameworks.

Career Growth

The diverse range of challenges ensures that engineers will continuously learn and grow, adding multiple dimensions to their professional portfolio.

Solve Important Problems

From optimizing supply chain logistics using AI to developing blockchain for secure, transparent financial transactions, the problems are complex, impactful, and intellectually stimulating.

Enterprise Value to Standpoint

Engineers aren't just coding; they're contributing to a product that aims to reach a $1B valuation by 2026 and a $5B valuation by 2029. Each line of code is a step towards building a legacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Are you interested in CSR?  We support CSR initiatives through our direct work at KYRO and also many non-profits that serve local communities where we live and work

Set Up to Win

Blending expertise in construction and AI, we possess a deep understanding of industry challenges and how to overcome them. Armed with this insight and led by seasoned leaders, existing customers, and healthy funding, KYRO is primed for success — and you are too.

Corporate Social Responsibility: 
Democratizing Access To Capital

Unlike larger businesses that can raise money during a cash crunch, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), struggle to do so. Their processes are broken, and there is a general lack of trust in them from banks and lenders. In an industry where it is generally hard to access capital unless you are well connected, such businesses suffer even more.

KYRO can help these SMBs and DBEs earn the trust of lenders. By using KYRO, SMBs and DBEs can improve their processes and show consistently tangible, high quality output. Coupled with a record of prompt invoicing and improving cashflow, lenders would be more inclined towards providing them with the capital they need to grow.

Outside of this, KYRO also serves many initiatives through its direct work and through numerous non-profits that serve local communities where we live and work.

Life at KYRO

We are agile, and so is our recruitment

On Your First Day

To help you ease into your new role, we prepare a customized Launch Plan for every new employee. By following this plan, you will seamlessly learn about our company, product & culture by interacting with colleagues from various functions.

You will also gain clarity on your role & how you’d contribute during your early period. Armed with this, you can approach the first few months with clarity & precision. You’ll learn from experts in the house, while also learning organically. We look forward to having you at Kyro!

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