Juggling multiple jobs? KYRO brings order to Chaos!

Streamline your restoration projects with KYRO's robust management tools. Experience seamless coordination across multiple jobs, ensuring efficiency and precision in every task, from initial assessment to final touches.

Work Order Management

Juggling multiple jobs? From organizing tasks, dispatching teams, and updating statuses in real-time, our work order system is like having an extra pair of hands, helping you organize and prioritize your outage assessment jobs with ease!

Invoice Management

Transform invoicing from chore to charm with our streamlined billing feature. Quickly generate detailed invoices, follow up on payments, and manage your cash flow without getting bogged down in numbers.

Live Time Tracking

KYRO's timesheet management does the heavy lifting for you. They smartly track work hours, automatically categorize work types, and even align with project goals, ensuring that time management is accurate and effortless to prioritize critical tasks.

KYRO's intuitive Mobile App keeps your Field Crews and Office teams In-Sync.

Dashboard mockup

Seamless Integrations

KYRO seamlessly integrates with your essential apps, creating a super-connected ecosystem for your damage assessment process. Sync data, share insights, and streamline processes across platforms with zero fuss. It's compatibility at its best, ensuring you have all your tools talking to each other in harmony.

Document Management

Say farewell to lost paperwork. Like a trusty toolbox for your important papers, KYRO's document management keeps everything neat, secure, and within arm's reach for your storm restoration crews

Easy Invoice Management

KYRO simplifies team chats, ensuring messages flow as smoothly as your dispatch crews. It's about keeping dialogue open, clear, and continuous, so every team member stays in the know, no matter where they are on the site.