Reduce Working Capital to achieve higher enterprise value and quicker financial gains

KYRO increases visibility into financials and job progress to improve workflows. With increased efficiency, companies can reduce their net working capital, which results in improved cash flow.

Better visibility into financials

Get intelligent insights into financials that can exponentially drive growth for portfolio companies.

Increased efficiency

Companies can increase efficiency by eliminating errors and avoiding miscommunication, resulting in better outcomes.

Real-time project updates

With KYRO’s forms, field crews can quickly submit detailed updates of their day’s work, saving them time each day.

Easy time tracking for improved cashflow

With accurate time tracking, companies can bill faster and reduce time to payments.

AI-powered Insights for Informed Decision-Making

With KYRO’s AI Copilot, important and trustworthy financial data can be retrieved instantly, along with deep insights, comparisons and forecasts. All this is possible from a single prompt!
This will help shape future plans for focused, accelerated growth.

Simplified Time and Expense Tracking

KYRO’s AI-powered time tracking workflow ensures that finance teams can access time logs easily and process payroll and invoicing faster while saving on resources who need to do this manually. This opens the door to shorter payment cycles and improved cash flow.

Reduce errors with detailed documentation

Eliminate errors by ensuring that all members are working with the latest versions of drawings and documents. With redlining and markups, field crews can send detailed and accurate information back to the office, fostering better planning and analysis.

Increased Field Visibility

Field crews can submit detailed daily reports with photos attached. They can also record their updates in any language to improve quality of reporting. This way, the back office is always aware of the progress, and can proactively make changes if required.

Accelerate financial growth with KYRO, and shorten your route to a successful exit.

With more visibility into project workflows, combined with improved cash flow,  give yourself the best chance for rapid financial growth, and even a successful exit.

Start using KYRO today to make this a reality.

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