The AI revolution is here. We're leading it.

Traditional construction software is outdated.  KYRO’s AI capabilities and proprietary AI Co-Pilot will change how you do your business. Just ask our Customers.

Explore KYRO's AI Capabilities

AI Voice Notes

Quickly capture information in the field from your field crew through our voice notes capabilities across time sheets, daily logs, and forms.

AI Language Translation

Have non-native speakers who speak Spanish? No worries, we've got you covered with our world-class translation of our AI Voice Notes.

AI Project Creation

Rapidly create projects by having our AI scan your G703 payment plans or Work Orders. We’ll automatically create the appropriate tasks for your team.

AI Timesheet Exceptions

Our AI can help you understand if there are timesheet exceptions that your PMs and Financial Controllers need to be aware.

AI OCR for Plans

Quickly perform takeoffs with our game-changing AI OCR.

AI Expense Verification

Ensure that the expenses that your field crew are submitting match their receipts.

AI Automated Reporting

Transform your ability to get rapid access to organized daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports across all your projects.

AI Co-Pilot

Our Secret Sauce. Be blown away on how our Co-Pilot becomes your trusted advisor, financial analyst, project manager, financial executive, and much more.

Scale your business like never before

Adding more administrative headcount only works up to a certain point. We all know this as a universal truth. Our AI breaks this glass ceiling and lets you scale smartly and rapidly.

Your Trusted Advisor. With Instant Insights.

No longer wait to get a view of how your business is performing. Our AI Co-Pilot can analyze your data across a variety of use cases, helping you make the critical decisions needed.

Unlock Unprecedented Efficiency with Precision

Every aspect of your project is executed with unmatched accuracy and efficiency from your ability to rapidly access your data, to increasing the number of decisions you can make per day.

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