Improve Team-Wide Collaboration And Finish Water Utility Projects Faster

With all your team members on the same page, reduce errors and improve efficiency for better outcomes in your water utility construction projects.

Your Whole Team on One Page

Edits made to docs are updated instantly for everyone, ensuring your team is working with the updated details.

Better Field Visibility

Get continuous and accurate data from the field, complete with daily reports, inspection checks and photos.

Safety & Compliance

With KYRO’s document management and AI-powered time tracking features, you are always within the rules of compliance.

Increased Efficiency & Speed

With everything else taken care of, your team can now singularly focus on getting the work done quickly and efficiently.

Single Repository for All Your Documents That Is Always Up-to-Date

KYRO’s cloud-based document management system allows you to organize all key documents related to your water utility projects in one single place. Admins can also control who gets access to which documents, ensuring protection of important contracts. Any changes made to drawings or plans can be seen by all stakeholders, removing ambiguity and avoiding wrong work being done.

Timesheets With Pre-Configured Rules For Compliance

KYRO’s time tracking feature allows accounts team and field crews alike a seamless experience to exchange time card information. At the end of each pay cycle, reports can be downloaded for both payroll and invoicing. To ensure you are compliant with state, union, and local laws, KYRO sets rules that ensure you are automatically compliant.

Customizable Forms with Photo Uploads

In addition to our library of 50+ forms, you can also request customizable forms to stick to your workflows. Field crews can log daily reports within moments through their mobile app, and attach annotated photos to provide more clarity. This detailed flow of data from the field to the office forms the backbone for deep analytics in the future.

Safety & Inspection Checklists

Take every possible measure to ensure that your crew and equipment are properly geared up for the work ahead. With KYRO’s checklists, thorough inspections can be done easily, and any issues reported to the concerned people instantly.

KYRO helps water utility construction projects thrive

KYRO helps automate a lot of manual tasks that are error-prone, leading to more accuracy and efficiency. With a steady flow of information between the field and office, errors are eliminated. And finally, with our safety and compliance features, you can keep up the morale of your employees by making them feel both safe and content with their working hours.

Start using KYRO today for free and feel the difference in your projects.

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