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KYRO Plan Viewer: Precision in Every Pixel

Elevate your project planning with KYRO's Plan Viewer. Achieve flawless execution with our advanced visualization and comprehensive management tools, creating a dependable single source of truth.
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Precise 2D Plan Markup

Elevate your project's clarity with our intuitive 2D markup tools, designed for detailed design interaction and collaboration.

Unified Plan Management

Consolidate all your plans on one platform, streamlining management with our central coordination system.

2D Plan Analysis & Take-off Tools

Enhance your project planning with precise 2D plan markups and streamlined take-off capabilities, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every phase.

Present Like A Pro

Get data relevant to any stakeholder you are presenting to and provide meaningful, actionable information.

Synchronized Project Collaboration

Utilize real-time sharing and annotation capabilities to maintain consistent and accurate project information among all stakeholders.

Universal Platform Accessibility

Access your project data from any device, ensuring a cohesive workflow environment.

Integrated Project Workflows

Efficiently connect your existing systems with KYRO, enabling a harmonized approach from start to finish.

Tailored Data Presentation

Adapt the presentation of project details to suit various stakeholder needs, maintaining both detail and simplicity.

Transform Your Project Visualization With KYRO

Take the first step towards unparalleled project clarity and collaboration. Dive into the world of advanced visualization with our Plan Viewer. Adapt and present your project data exactly how you need it, ensuring effectiveness for all stakeholders. Don’t just manage your projects — visualize them like never before. Connect with us now to see how our solution can bring a new perspective to your construction projects.

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