KYRO vs Raken

Choose Efficiency, Not Excess – Why should you pay a premium to export your own data? Shift from Raken to KYRO today!

How does KYRO compare against Raken?

It's time to question the rationale behind sticking to a tool that not only demands a premium but also restricts you to outdated methods.
 Swift onboarding and seamless Integrations OnboardingIntricate setup process, requiring time-intensive adjustments and staff training
 Flexibility at its finest, KYRO’s customization adapts to unique user needs with ease CustomizationLimited and rigid customization, stifling adaptability and project efficiency
   Intuitive and user-friendly interface to streamline tasks for field crews, boosting on-site efficiency UsabilityMultifaceted UI, compounding the daily grind and presenting a hurdle for ground crews accustomed to hands-on tasks  
Effortless and timely support that enhances user confidence and resolution speed  SupportSupport efforts sometimes lag, leading to prolonged problem-solving and user uncertainty  
 Understandable design that intuitively aligns with user needs, enhancing process efficiency and ease of use WorkflowsEncounters challenges in fluidity, leading to occasional disconnects in process management  
 Flexible pricing: Premium plans for pro users, basic for the rest - Pay for what you truly need CostPay-per-user, feature overload: Upgrading costs more, even for unused advanced features

Our Customers

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Key Differentiators

Simplifying Construction with AI Solutions – Where Efficiency, Integration, and Affordability Come Together
 Innovative AI-driven speech-to-text functionality, for efficient documentation with ease and precision Daily ReportWhile detailed, can complicate project management with its segmented approach, especially for projects with multiple teams
Effortlessly find documents with a powerful, quick search feature that scans documents, pinpointing exact phrases, ensuring efficient retrieval of reports and files in moments  Search FunctionalityCan be cumbersome, requiring multiple steps to locate and manage specific forms and reports  
 State of the art, secure cloud storage with integrations StorageStruggles with limited device support and lacks reliable backup for crucial data  
  All essential features of time sheets are included in Core Plan TimesheetsNo GPS feature for basic plans
 Reliable functionality in various network conditions, ensuring consistent updates and efficient photo uploads Photo UploadsPerformance falters in poor network areas, affecting timely updates and photo uploads  

Why our clients prefer KYRO

2 Hours

saved everyday by Field Crews

6 months

worth of Return on Investment


increase in productivity


increase in Happiness Index of Field Crews