KYRO's Time Tracking Software - Built for Construction Teams

Time is money, and every minute counts when running an efficient business. Our time tracking app offers numerous powerful features to save you time, reduce errors, boost accountability, and provide valuable insights through data.

Time tracking in construction, when done badly, can cause a whole lot of issues for construction companies right from inaccurate effort estimation to late invoicing and poor cashflow. Our experts at KYRO have experienced these problems first hand, and come up with a solution for a time tracking software that is both easy for all parties and fool-proof, thanks to our AI.

With capabilities ranging from automated clock-in/out to geofencing and AI analytics, our app aims to make time tracking simple for both managers and employees. The goal is to provide complete visibility into time worked while eliminating timesheet headaches.

This article will explore the key time tracking features KYRO provides to improve how your team tracks hours.

Simple Clock-In and Clock-Out

KYOR’s clock-in and clock-out feature saves time and reduces errors by automatically tracking time as the day progresses. This feature captures GPS data to detect where an employee clocks in or out, providing visibility and transparency.

Some key benefits of KYRO’s clock-in/out:

  • More accurate time tracking since it relies on GPS location rather than manual self-reporting from employees. Reduces time theft and timesheet errors.
  • Ability to capture exact arrival and departure times based on when the employee enters or leaves the job location. Provides more precise tracking of hours worked.
  • Seamless time tracking even for remote jobsites where employees may forget to clock in or out. Location detection ensures their hours are still captured accurately.
  • Automatic geo-tagging of shift start and end locations provides transparency into where work is being performed.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode provides an easy, hassle-free way for crew members to log their time. This dedicated time tracking interface removes unnecessary distractions and streamlines the clock in/out process.

Employees simply select their name, tap to clock in or out, and they're done. The app automatically captures the time and location without needing manual input. Kiosk mode is ideal for crews, field workers, and other frontline teams where quick, simple time tracking is a priority.

Managers can rest assured knowing crew hours are being captured accurately. The dedicated kiosk interface prevents missed punches, incorrect data entry, and other common payroll issues. Automated location capture also provides visibility into where work is being performed. For organizations with deskless or mobile employees, kiosk mode brings new levels of efficiency and transparency to time tracking.

Custom Expenses

With KYRO’s time tracking app, you can customize expense fields to track non-standard expenditures. This goes beyond the usual options like meals, travel, office supplies etc.

Now you can create customized fields to capture expenses unique to your business. For example, a construction firm can add "Materials" or "Equipment Rental" as expense types. The options are endless.

This level of customization brings more transparency and accuracy to expense reporting. No more trying to fudge an oddball expense into a standard category like "Miscellaneous." Just create a custom field tailored to your needs.

Expenses get tracked at a more granular level and with context. And the integrated receipt capture option further validates the expenditures. Everything ties together for improved spend management and forecasting.

AI Expense Mismatch Tracking

Our app uses artificial intelligence to analyze receipts and flag any mismatches between receipts and expense reports. This helps prevent fraudulent or erroneous expense reporting.

For example, if an employee submits a receipt from a restaurant for $50 on March 1st, but then enters an expense report with a restaurant charge of $75, the AI will catch this mismatch. It will notify managers that further review of this expense is advised.

With AI validating expenses, companies can trust that their expense reporting process has oversight. This gives finance teams confidence that money is being spent and reported properly. Employees also can't as easily "fudge" expense reports if the receipts tell a different story.

Custom Timesheet Fields

The ability to add custom fields to timesheets provides enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities. Companies can log additional data relevant to their business needs, going beyond just hours worked.

For example, a consultant company can add a "Client" field. Employees can select the client they worked for to attribute hours accurately. The system can then generate reports grouped by client showing utilization rates.

Custom fields also allow capturing details like projects, activities, job codes, shift times, break duration, mileage, expenses, and more. These can be used for payroll, billing, performance tracking, cost analysis, and other purposes.

Prevent Timesheet Fraud and Abuse with AI

Timesheet fraud and abuse is a serious issue that can cost companies millions in lost profits every year. However, our app leverages cutting-edge AI technology to detect anomalies and prevent timesheet fraud before it happens.

The AI closely monitors timesheets, analyzing patterns of behavior over time to flag any sudden deviations that could indicate fraud or abuse. For example, if an employee begins consistently reporting 50+ hour work weeks when they previously logged 40 hours, the AI will flag this for review.

Location data, geofencing, and other signals are correlated to identify discrepancies between reported and actual hours worked.

Advanced machine learning algorithms train the system to get smarter over time and stay ahead of the latest tricks employees may use to commit timesheet fraud or abuse. The AI prevents issues from slipping through the cracks by tirelessly analyzing every timesheet.

This 24/7 intelligent monitoring ensures that submitted hours accurately reflect work completed, maintaining the integrity of timesheets. Managers gain assurance that the time data they use for payroll, client billing, and productivity analytics is precise and reliable.

Geofencing: Improving Transparency and Accountability

Geofencing allows managers to define a virtual boundary around a worksite, limiting clock-ins and clock-outs to only when employees are within that boundary. This brings many benefits:

  • Employees can only clock in when they are on-site, reducing timesheet buddy punching and fraud. The system will automatically clock them out when they leave the worksite.
  • Managers gain visibility into real employee arrival and departure times, improving workforce accountability. Geographic data provides proof of attendance.
  • Companies can analyze location data to optimize schedules, staffing, and payroll costs. Accurate automatic time tracking leads to payroll savings.
  • Employees feel trusted and empowered to manage their own hours through geofencing automation. No need for oversight or micro-management.

With geofenced time tracking, managers can rest assured that records reflect true working hours. Employees become more accountable for their attendance and productivity. Ultimate payroll and labor cost savings can be realized. The end result is a more transparent, trusted system for all parties.

Timesheet Approvals

Timesheet approvals allow for efficient workflows that enable the smooth back-and-forth needed to resolve any anomalies detected by the AI timesheet tracking.

Managers can review and approve employee timesheets through the system. If any potential errors or discrepancies are flagged by the AI, the manager can reject the timesheet, which then gets routed back to the employee for correction.

Employees receive instant notifications on any rejected timesheets with details on what needs to be fixed. They can quickly make the necessary edits to ensure accurate time tracking. Once resubmitted by the employee, the timesheet flows back to the approving manager for verification.

This streamlined process facilitates rapid resolution of any identified issues without introducing bottlenecks. The intuitive workflows make it simple for both managers and employees to participate in the approvals process.

Reporting & Dashboards

With our time tracking app, you can easily generate detailed reports and view informative dashboards to analyze time and expenses.

Download Reports

Our app allows you to download a variety of reports, including:

  • Client reports to see time and expenses billed to specific clients
  • Payroll reports to streamline your payroll process
  • Expense reports to analyze spending

You can download these reports in multiple formats like PDF, Excel, and CSV for easy sharing and analysis. The reports can be customized with filters and date ranges to get the exact data you need.

Visualize Data with Dashboards

In addition to reports, our app includes powerful dashboards that provide visualizations of your time and expense data. The dashboards allow you to see high-level trends and quickly identify anomalies.

Some key dashboards include:

  • Timesheet overview showing hours logged by user, project, and more
  • Expense analysis dashboard to view spending patterns
  • Client dashboard to visualize time and expenses for each client
  • User activity dashboard tracking user behaviors

Start using KYRO for better time tracking on your construction sites

KYRO's time tracking app is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to streamline their time tracking processes, reduce errors, and gain valuable insights. With its robust suite of features, including automated clock-in/out, geofencing, AI-powered fraud detection, custom fields, and powerful reporting capabilities, our app empowers organizations to maximize efficiency, accountability, and profitability. Sign up for free and start using today!

March 21, 2024