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Of the many problems that construction teams face on the jobsite, one that causes millions in delays and rework is the use of outdated drawings. The most common reason for teams having outdated plans is that any changes made to the design do not reach the field in time. Especially when people have to rely on back and forth email chains or in some cases, even print.

Today, we take a deeper look at a key offering of KYRO, which mitigates the problem of  inaccurate or outdated plans on the field - document markup and redlining

With KYRO's document redlining feature, you can seamlessly collaborate on proposals, contracts, briefs, reports and more. Moreover, you have the option to define a scale and draw lines/areas while indicating their actual measurements. Keep reading to learn how KYRO takes document markup to the next level.

What is Document Markup/Redlining?

Document markup, also known as redlining, is the process of electronically marking up a document to provide feedback, edits, comments, or annotations. It enables multiple reviewers to collaborate on the same document by suggesting changes or providing feedback in real-time. This is a crucial part of any document management software.

Rather than using old-fashioned paper documents with handwritten notes in the margins, document markup allows users to highlight, strikethrough, underline and add comments directly within a digital document such as a PDF or a Word file. Markup tools provide a clear visual indication of all edits, allowing multiple reviewers to follow suggested changes and have threaded discussions.

The key benefit of document markup is enhanced collaboration and productivity. Without needing to print, mail, fax or email files back and forth, reviewers can work together in one shared digital document. The document owner can easily accept or reject changes from each contributor and keep the editing history. This streamlines the review and approval process across teams and departments.

Benefits of KYRO's Redlining

KYRO's document markup and redlining feature provides several key benefits for teams that need to collaborate on documents:

Work Asynchronously

With KYRO's redlining, multiple people can work on a document asynchronously. Team members can add comments and make edits even when others aren't actively editing the file. This improves workflow and enables collaboration across time zones.

Version Control

Every change made in KYRO is tracked, so there's a clear version history. You can revert back to earlier versions or see precisely who made each edit. This prevents confusion from multiple conflicting file versions.

Track Changes

KYRO's markup tool visually shows all edits as you make them, with additions marked in green and deletions in red. This makes it easy to follow along with changes. You can also toggle tracked changes on and off.

Collaborate Seamlessly

KYRO's real-time co-editing Experience lets multiple people edit simultaneously. The changes merge instantly without overriding each other. Team members can efficiently discuss and refine the document together.

Key Features

KYRO’s document markup tool comes packed with several key features that improve collaboration and efficiency. Here are some of the most notable capabilities:


  • Easily add comments directly on PDFs and drawings to provide feedback.
  • Reply to comments to maintain discussion threads.

Markup Tools

  • Draw shapes, arrows, lines to call attention to certain areas.
  • Define scale and ensure that team members get to see the actual measurements on the drawings to make better decisions.
  • Use different colors for easy visual organization.

Status Stamps & Signatures

  • Mark comments as resolved when addressed.
  • Approve or reject changes to plans, and notify the concerned personnel instantly
  • Ensure authenticity of your changes through your signatures on these plans on any screens

Version History

  • Revert to older versions of the document.
  • Compare versions to see changes over time.
  • Regain access to deleted comments.


  • Control editing and viewing privileges.
  • Limit access to certain users and teams.
  • Maintain confidentiality for sensitive documents.

Mobile Access

  • Annotate on-the-go with iOS and Android apps.
  • Sync across devices in real-time.

Integration with Other Tools

KYRO's document markup feature integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox. This allows users to access and markup documents directly from their cloud accounts without having to download or upload files.

In addition to integrating with popular cloud platforms, KYRO also allows collaborators to receive email notifications when a document has been edited or commented on.

This deep integration with cloud storage and productivity suites, combined with configurable notifications, makes it easy for teams to collaborate on documents in real-time while using the tools they already know and love.


KYRO's document markup and redlining feature provides significant benefits for teams that need to collaborate on reviewing and providing feedback on documents. The ability to add annotations and comments directly on the document saves time compared to traditional email exchanges and attachments. The annotations themselves can convey more context through text comments, highlights, drawings, and accurate scale drawings.

Version control ensures there is a clear record of all changes, while notifications alert reviewers when their input is needed. The consolidated comment thread keeps communication organized in one place.

With seamless integrations with Microsoft Office and Google Docs, KYRO's redlining feature brings advanced collaboration capabilities without disrupting existing workflows. The functionality works great for all teams involved in the project.

If streamlining document reviews sounds appealing, sign up to KYRO to experience the redlining capabilities first-hand. The intuitive interface makes it easy to get started annotating and collaborating on documents right away.

March 9, 2024

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