Field-Office Communication

Field & Office: Better Together

Bridge the gap between field and office with real-time updates, daily reports and in-app communication.
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Empowered Field Crews

Transcend from mere adoption to actual buy-in. Field crews save an hour of work through our intuitive UI.

Real-time communication

We make you feel like you’re in the field at any given point, improving communication between teams.

Actionable data from the field

Convert raw data into strategic insights that can be used to improve efficiency and processes.

Time cards & Timesheets

Track the time logged each day by employees and generate timesheets instantly at the end of each cycle. Useful for both payroll & invoicing.

We Understand Field Crews

Our platform isn’t just designed for managers; it’s crafted with the input of actual field crew members. They know what they need, and we've listened. The result? A tool they’ll want to use.

Our AI Eliminates Guesswork

Data-driven insights are at the heart of successful projects. Transform raw data into actionable intelligence with KYRO’s comprehensive, AI-powered dashboards and analytics.

Hassle-free Time Tracking

We understand that field crews want to spend most of their time working, not on apps. With our intuitive time-tracking system, logging hours becomes a swift, hassle-free process. Ensure 0 lost hours and accurate payroll & invoicing.

Immediate Touchpoints, Instant Resolutions

Eliminate delays and misunderstandings. Enable swift, real-time conversations between the field and office, allowing for timely decision-making and agile adaptability. Share photos with mark-ups to for better all-round clarity.

From Field Insights to Office Strategy

Projects thrive only when field and office teams align perfectly. Good communication is the backbone for any successful project, and more so when it suits all parties – field crews buy-in to KYRO’s simplicity, and office executives receive valuable, actionable data.

Build bridges within your organization to build bigger and better projects for your clients.