Experience smooth onboarding with KYRO's intuitive organization and team management

In construction, having centralized organizational oversight is essential for ensuring safety, maintaining compliance, and optimizing operational efficiency. KYRO's organization management tools provide you with a robust set of features to set up and manage your organization's structure, user access, processes, and documentation – all from one single intuitive platform.

When adopting a new software, it is imperative for users to have a smooth onboarding experience. One aspect of onboarding is the initial setting up of your organization, team members and importing key documents onto the new platform. KYRO provides a comprehensive set of features to simplify and automate organization management, in order to ensure the best onboarding experince for our clients.

With KYRO, you can:

  • Easily manage users by inviting team members, assigning roles and permissions, and integrating with existing HR systems. Bulk import users to get your team up and running quickly.
  • Create customized project types to match your organization's workflows. Set up inspection, oversight, audit and other project templates to standardize processes.
  • Centralize important organizational files and documents in one secure place. Import files from other systems or upload new content. Manage access and permissions even at file levels.
  • Customize data fields and terminology to align with your organization's culture and preferences. Add custom fields for projects, daily logs, and more.
  • Generate reports and analytics to gain insights into projects, productivity, and progress towards organizational goals.
  • Integrate with the tools and systems you already use via APIs and connectors. Avoid duplicate data entry and manual processes.

Our software provides the flexibility to manage key organizational data and processes all in one place. Standardize workflows, centralize information, customize tracking, and get automatic insights - accelerating productivity and alignment across your organization.

User Management

The organization management feature allows you to easily manage users and permissions. You can invite users individually by entering their name and email address.

For larger organizations, you can bulk import users via Excel or CSV files. Simply export your user data into a spreadsheet, then import that file into our system. User details like name, email, department, location, etc. will be imported.

To save time, you can integrate directly with your HRIS or ERP platforms. This automatically syncs user data on a schedule, keeping your organization hierarchy and users up-to-date.

Once users are in the system, you can assign roles and permissions to control access. For example, set up roles like Admin, Project Manager, Contributor (field crews), and Timesheet Admins. Permissions can be granular, allowing access to specific projects, documents, or data fields. Roles and permissions can also be mapped with imported data along with users from HRIS/ERP to match existing access levels.

This comprehensive user management allows you to model your organizational structure and permissions, streamlining administration. Users can be added or updated in bulk, while fine-grained access controls secure your data.

Project Types

One of the key features of our product is the ability to create custom project types that match your organization's workflow. For example, you can create project categories like "Inspection", "Oversight", and "Audit" that align to the specific initiatives within your company.

By establishing project categories that mirror your own business activities, the system allows you to track and manage initiatives according to your organization's terminology and workflow. All reporting and analytics will align to these custom project types as well.

Configuring meaningful project types enables seamless adoption of the software as users will be working within familiar concepts rather than having to learn new terms. The end result is an organization management system tailored to your specific needs.

Document Management

Our product allows seamless document management to keep all your organization's files organized and secure. You can easily import files of any type, from PDFs to Office documents, images, and more.

The file management system makes it simple to set user permissions and access controls at individual file levels. You can specify which users and roles can view, edit, share, or restrict access to each file or folder.

In addition, KYRO integrates with popular document management systems like SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive. You can connect external repositories to sync files and permissions automatically. The system will intelligently manage versioning from any integrated source.

Overall, the file management capabilities help you consolidate documents scattered across multiple systems and endpoints. You gain centralized control with robust tools to handle uploads, permissions, integrations, search, versioning, and lifecycle management. This keeps your organization running efficiently with all files at your fingertips.

Custom Fields for Projects and Daily Logs

One of the key features of our product is the ability to create custom fields for both projects and daily logs. This allows organizations to maintain their existing workflows and terminology without having to adopt new systems and processes company-wide.

For projects, users can create any custom field needed, such as:

  • Project status
  • Project manager
  • Work Order Number
  • Priority level
  • Budget
  • Timelines

The custom fields allow the software to adapt to the organization's specific project management needs, rather than forcing the organization to change its practices to fit the software.

Similarly, custom fields can be created for daily logs and work records. Teams can maintain the data points and terminology they are accustomed to using for shift logs, safety checks, equipment inspections, and any other routine daily tasks. Examples include:

  • Expenses
  • Mileage
  • Per Diem
  • Notes/Comments

Whether it's project management or routine shift logs, our product enables continuing existing workflows and processes without disruption. The custom fields allow organizations to capture any data points they need, using their own internal naming conventions and terminology. This prevents having to retrain staff or change ingrained processes.

Access Controls

With Organization Management, you can easily manage user roles and permissions to restrict access as needed.

  • Assign appropriate permissions to each role.
  • Permissions can be set at a role level. For example, you may want Field Crews (Contributors on KYRO) to only be able to view and edit their own reports, while Project Managers can view all reports.
  • Set user permissions for creating/editing/deleting projects, uploading files, editing custom fields and more. Restrict access to confidential data.
  • Permissions can be assigned directly to individual users, or inherited from their role. Override inherited permissions as needed.
  • Audit logs provide visibility into who accessed what and when. Monitor user activities for security and compliance.
  • Integrate with your existing identity provider to leverage your centralized user access policies. Restrict access to only authorized personnel.

With fine-grained access controls, Organization Management enables you to securely manage data access across your teams and projects. Give users the access they need, while restricting confidential data.


Our organization management feature allows seamless integration with your existing HR, ERP, and other business systems. This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures all systems contain the same up-to-date information.

Simply connect our software to your HRIS or ERP using our API or available connectors. User data including names, roles, departments, and other details will automatically sync on a scheduled basis. When a change is made in one system, it updates the other.

We also offer integrations with many popular cloud storage platforms and document management systems. You can automatically import files stored in Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, and more. Access permissions configured in those systems will be carried over as well.

With our robust integrations, you don't have to change your tech stack to gain organization management capabilities. In fact, you don’t have to constantly switch between apps, as all your information would be available in KYRO, with 2-way syncing enabled.

Get started with KYRO today

At KYRO, we have put a lot of thought to ensure the smoothest onboarding experience for our users. Set up your organization, invite your team, and get started with setting up projects, all within minutes. In fact, our project management feature is as simple to use as creating your organization.

To learn more, feel free to sign up to KYRO today. We have a free plan that grants access to every single feature of KYRO, for up to 5 users.

March 29, 2024

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