KYRO's Document Management Solution for Construction Jobsites

We established how poor document management leads to millions in losses each year. We also discussed how cloud-based document management systems can largely mitigate these issues. Today, we exhibit how KYRO has approached this solution.

At KYRO, we have experts from both construction and technology that have come together to solve some of the biggest problems in construction. Furthermore, we have realized the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in solving these problems. We have already seen how construction companies are plagued by poor document management and the issues caused by it. While designing our solution, we kept these main points in mind:

  • The solution should be simple to use
  • Users should save time on searching for documents
  • Mistakes should be avoided, or greatly reduced
  • Overall team efficiency should improve

With these principles in mind, we have built a robust cloud-based document management experience in KYRO to solve all the pain points people face currently. We have highlighted some key functionalities in this article.

KYRO’s Document Management Solution

Streamlining Document Management - Organize and Retrieve Files Easily

KYRO's Construction Document Management Software eliminates the challenges associated with managing paper-based documents. By digitizing and centralizing project documents in a secure cloud-based repository, construction teams can access critical information anytime, anywhere. From contracts to plans and permits, KYRO's software organizes documents systematically, allowing easy search and retrieval, minimizing delays, and ensuring teams stay on schedule.

Automating Workflows - Get You Projects Under Way in Minutes

In keeping with our vision to use AI to simplify workflows, KYRO automates and standardizes various processes, starting with project creation. You can scan documents like the AIA-G702 and -G703 and create whole projects within minutes. We also use artificial intelligence to extract relevant information from your documents, importing key details and creating project timelines, tasks, and forecasts automatically. This streamlines project initiation and reduces manual data entry, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Redlining and Markups - Always work with the latest versions

A big issue we touched upon earlier was teams on the field working with outdated plans. We cited a scenario where this could lead to expensive rework and cause project delays. Our markup feature allows users to make detailed annotations on their device, which will reflect instantly for all team members on any device, anywhere.

Moreover, our redlining feature ensures precision in every markup, allowing team members to visualize the real scale of the drawing and make accurate decisions.

Security and Access Control - Authorize the right files to the right people

Security and confidentiality are paramount when dealing with sensitive project documents. offers robust access control mechanisms, allowing construction companies to define user roles and permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific documents. This protects sensitive information and reduces the risk of unauthorized modifications. Additionally, KYRO's mobile-friendly platform provides secure access to documents on-the-go, making information accessible to field teams and remote staff.

Robust Integrations - Access all your apps without leaving KYRO

We have built robust integrations with major document management software, making it easy for users to import their work into KYRO seamlessly. With 2-way sync capabilities, existing document management tools seamlessly integrate with KYRO, making collaboration smooth and reducing the risk of miscommunication. Team members can communicate within the software, providing instant feedback, making annotations, and resolving project-related queries efficiently.

Improve your document management practices, starting today!

By eliminating the need to constantly switch between apps to retrieve files, and facilitating real-time 2-way syncing between apps, we allow users to get all their work done within KYRO. To experience this feature, sign up to KYRO and start your journey towards a more streamlined document management experience.

March 7, 2024

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