Construction document Management

Misplaced Docs? Outdated Drawings?We have a way out for you.

Easily store, organize and access your files from one location with the help of our secure file manager.
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Organize Your Files, Your Way

Keep your files neatly categorized, tagged, and archived in one centralized location.

Your Files are Always Searchable

Know exactly where to find any document; save precious time

Upload All File Formats

We support all types of file formats, saving you the hassle of having to convert your docs to suit our platform.

2-Way Sync

Integrate KYRO with your current document management tool and make changes that reflect on both places.

Use The Latest Versions

Ensure field crews have updated blueprints; avoid wrong work & rework.

Control Access

Easily allow access to only relevant personnel; protect critical documents from exposure.

Never again waste time searching for docs

Need to provide a document for an audit check? You’ll now know exactly where it is, so you can go about your day without panic until it is audit time.

If you’re updated, your team is too

Ever stumbled upon a surprise during excavation that needed you to update all your blueprints and send that version to your field crew? We made this process seamless as any changes you make reaches your field crew instantly, preventing wrong work or re-work.

Control And Limit Access based on Sensitivity

Have a few docs that are not for everyone’s eyes? Worry not, as within a few clicks, you can define who has access to which documents, ensuring that your most sensitive data and info are protected.

Integrations: Seamless, Two-Way Syncing

We know you use a whole host of tools to store and edit your files, documents and drawings. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to play nice with others. Integrate seamlessly and bid farewell to data silos.

Our Integrations

Choose Clarity over Confusion

With our robust file management solution, we promise you not just a digital storage pace, but a dynamic tool tailored to the unique demands of the construction world.

Your field crew members won’t have to wait as you painfully search across the board for the latest version of any file, ensuring greater efficiency and ultimately, better execution. Book a demo today to see our document management solution inaction.