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Solving Construction Industry's Biggest Problems

Contractors struggle to maintain a healthy cashflow mainly due to executional inefficiencies. A disconnect between the field and office causes delays in project timelines, which ultimately results in delayed payments. We mitigate these issues by digitizing operational workflows, thereby eliminating clerical errors.

  • Collaborate between field and office​

    Contractors should know exactly what’s happening in the field with real-time dashboards and reports. Any change or issue can be reported instantly with our collaborative communication module.

  • On-time Project completion​

    Improved communication and visibility between the field and office ensures that everyone is always on the same page, allowing on-time project completion.

  • Rapid Invoicing

    Daily time logs and automated timesheets eliminate double work, ensuring accuracy. This results in a shorter approvals cycle and expedited invoice generation.


Accelerate Project Cashflow within 90 days with our Rapid & Accurate Invoicing

The key to maintaining a good cashflow is to generate accurate, timely invoices. Errors with invoicing could result in additional weeks of payment delays. We eliminate these errors by leveraging a combination of Kyro's next generation artificial intelligence engine and intuitive machine learning core.​

Kyro can ensure that all your invoices are accurate and are mapped to the correct job code. Our artificial intelligence engine eliminates redundancy in invoice generation leading to rapid and precise invoicing.


Streamline your Integrations

KYRO seamlessly connects to your accounting software to help you process payroll faster, save time through quick and accurate exports, and eliminate errors caused by manual data entry.

KYRO enables all your data from the field to easily integrate with your other construction management solutions like Primavera P6 and more so that you always have access to the bigger picture.

KYRO quickly and easily connects to your cloud-based file storage software to automatically sync daily reports, construction photos and video, and more.



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