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Construction field reporting app

Simple Mobile App To Track Work, Send Reports & Resolve Issues.​

Kyro's mobile app is designed so that field crews use it only when required. It is easy to use, and important functions like reporting & communication can be done painlessly. This allow field employees to focus on their job, thereby increasing productivity,​

Key Features

Easy job tracking

Instant change notifications​

Document Management

Robust communication

Rich reporting & RFIs

Offline capability

Easy Daily Reports​​

With IntelliReport, submit daily updates easily. Keep your colleagues at office updated on your progress, and make any changes required easily.

Get instant change notifications​

With our superior communication system, get informed of all changes immediately. This helps prevent unnecessary rework for you.

Offline Capability

Kyro can work even in locations outside of internet coverage. Capture information from the jobsite peacefully even without connectivity. It will sync up when you’re back online.

Better automation​

Our app automates time-consuming, mundane tasks so you can focus more of your time on doing your work efficiently. No more filling out long reports & double-checking time logs daily.