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Project Management

Construction Management App

KYRO's construction management app offers you all the tools you need to easily collect accurate, detailed production data straight from the jobsite. With that real-time field productivity data in hand, managers can make better decisions about schedules and budget management that positively impact the outcome of their projects.

What does ProjecTrak AI do for your project?

Real-time Productivity

Resource Tracking

Production Insights

Historical Data Leverage

Avoid Cost Overheads

Get Paid on Time

Real-time Field Productivity

Field crews can quickly record the progress of assigned work throughout the day and assign them cost codes from any mobile device. They can also add photos, notes, or other attachments to create a clear visual record of field productivity. Meanwhile, the office has visibility with access to the production data in real-time.

Resource Tracking

Individual crew members or entire crews can quickly start, pause and end a task in seconds from any mobile device. You can roll over hours from day to day, bulk edit them, and apply the hours to cost codes in a few easy steps. This makes it easier for the office to track and predict labor costs as the project is happening in real-time.

Production Insights

By setting production targets in the office, followed by tracking and monitoring progress as it’s documented in the field. KYRO can automatically calculate how efficient you are in each cost code as well as projected time-to-completion to boost your profitability.

Historical Data Leverage

KYRO's historical data parsing helps with informed future bids and job costing with easily accessible data from previously completed projects. Historical production data can even be exported and uploaded into estimating programs, so you’ll know your bids are spot-on.